Harlay avocats acts as advisor of La Tournée in a EUR 5-million fund-raising operation – PR September 2023

Publié le 21-09-2023

Harlay avocats assists hyperline in a €4 million fundraising – PR June 2023

Publié le 30-06-2023

Harlay Avocats assists SEB Alliance in the Ieva Group’s latest fundraising – PR 24 April 2023

Publié le 24-04-2023

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Harlay avocats acts as counsel to Fairjungle in a €3,6 million fundraising – PR 14 April 2023

Publié le 14-04-2023

Harlay Avocats acted as counsel to Klaxit, its founders and part of its shareholders in connection with the sale of Klaxit to BlaBlaCar

Publié le 07-04-2023

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